Tailored Golf Trousers

Our speciality is tailored golf trousers for both women and men, which are comfortable to wear on the golf course, and unique in their chosen textile and colour.

From laid back style to high profile colourful designs, there are no rules!

Explore our photo gallery of a selection of our textiles available by clicking on the images below:

Two material details create your own unique golf trousers:

Combining two materials, of your own choice, we create the unique designed AndaGolf trousers:




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Wide range of materials

Once we have measured and made the first pair of trousers for you, and have achieved the perfect fit, then it is simply a matter of selecting the fabric for any pairs you may require in the future.

Looking and feeling good on the golf course makes it even more fun to play golf.

Our wide range of materials make it easy for you to create your own collection of tailored golf trousers for all four seasons.