Free M.O.T. for Golf Clubs

Every now and then it is highly recommended to visit Anda Golf for a M.O.T OF YOUR GOLF CLUBS  that includes the four basic questions about your golf clubs:



1) Are your grips in proper condition?


Old grip



New grip




2) Is the length of your clubs adjusted to your height?


Modern woods and clubs now and then come in longer standard versions, and this might influence on your game in a negative way. We can measure them, shorten or extend the shafts, and make sure that the balance is still perfect.


3) Is the lie of your clubs perfect?


Lie on the toe might cause sliceing the ball.



Lie on the heel might cause hooking the ball.


Neutral lie – perfect.


4) Is the loft of all clubs as it should be?


We can measure if the loft is optimal – and change it if neccessary.