The importance of the finish

by International PGA Pro Stephane Hoarau, Marbella Golf & Country Club

“The importance of a good finish position is often underestimated by many golfers. A solid golf swing is created by rotation and power transfer from the hips into a perfect finish.

Coincidentally I discovered that I could help myself to remember the importance of the full finish, by focusing on my right knee in both in the backswing and the finish.

This gave me the idea to contact AndaGolf asking them to design and produce a  pair of Tailored golf trousers with a large V sign down the right leg.”

Stephane Hoarau



1+Backswing.jpg  2+Impact.jpg


Be flexible in the right knee during the backswing, it gives a better setup.


Rotation from the hips generate the most power in the moment of impact.

 3+Follow-through.jpg  4+Finish.jpg


The right knee is beginning to point in the direction of the target in the follow-through.


When the V on my Anda Golf trousers points directly at the target – I know that my finish is perfect.

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